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“Jazz is amazing at sharing her love of music with my two children who have lessons with her and are progressing really well. Her patience, understanding and enthusiasm shines through. Highly recommended for piano lessons and music theory."
                                    -T A
“Jazz is honestly the best piano teacher! I’ve had lessons with her for four years and have learnt so much - she even manages to find and help me learn my favourite songs. I miss our weekly lessons and chats now that I’m at uni!"
                                    - A F
“Jazz is absolutely amazing with my 2 boys. We had a piano teacher previously and the boys did not progress and they did not enjoy it! They love going to piano lessons now and come out happy. She has the patience of a saint and is able to break it all down so the boys are able to understand. Would highly recommend."
                                    - C A
Jazz is an empathetic teacher who ensures that all lessons are directed towards my specific requirements. She is dedicated and thorough and I greatly enjoy my time with her!
Therefore she comes highly recommended."
                                    - F M
Really good piano teacher, Very patient. The best paino teacher I have ever had."
                                    - S M
“My girls, 12 and 14 absolutely love playing piano thanks to Jazz. I don’t have to force them to practice, they look forward to their lessons and they’re making good progress. Would definitely recommend it!."
                                    - K K
“I just started Piano Lessons with Jazz and loving them . Jazz is so patient and brilliant"
                                    - S L
“Jazz is a fantastic piano teacher. My son (11) really enjoys his lessons and it’s obvious how much care, patience and enthusiasm Jazz shows in her teaching. He looks forward to his lessons each week and is making great progress. I highly recommend!"
                                    - B C
My daughter loves her lessons with Jazz and enjoys the fact she helps her learn tunes she wants to play."
                                    - J E
“Jazz's piano tuition helped our oldest son secure a place at Brit School and our 9 year-old has enjoyed learning with Jazz for the past 2 years."
                                    - M F
“I've been learning to play the piano as an adult for a few years now. I really enjoy my lessons with her and learn a great deal. It's one of my favourite things of the week!"
                                    - A N
“My daughters (7 and 10) look forward to their lessons every week. They are growing in confidence and enjoy learning new skills. Jazz is very patient and encouraging when teaching. Rupert helps by giving his opinion too!"
                                    - T G
Wonderful upbeat lessons. Jazz is extremely patient and positive with my daughter and makes things varied and interesting. Thoroughly recommend."
                                    - R R
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