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Why have lessons...

Piano Close-up

I Offer Lessons in...

  • Classical music

  • Pop music

  • Beginning to improvise and compose

  • Lessons just for fun

  • Preparation for a special event, audition or school project (GCSE/A Levels)


Learning Aims...

  • To be able to learn a musical piece off by heart

  • To prepare for a ABRSM piano exam

  • To understand music theory

  • Learn how to sight-read music

  • To perform a musical piece to others

Wooden Piano

Strengths to Develop

  • Fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, leaning a piece off by heart.

  • Expressing emotions and feelings within a piece, willingness to learn, good attitude and dedication.

  • Self awareness, self management and self motivation.

  • Responding to feedback and taking the time for practice.

  • Logic comes with understanding sight-reading, chords and theory. 

  • Creating, performing and appreciating music. 

  • Learning how to read sheet music, this will empower you to learn any song or piece of music you want to learn in the future.

  • Visualising shapes and patterns within music, being able to respond to visual observation of the fingers, hands and arm movement when playing piano.

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